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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you have your eyes examined?

For adults, your optometrist would recommend an examination every two years. If there is something they would like to monitor then you may be asked to return earlier.

Children need to be seen annually since they often do not realise or cannot explain that there may be a problem with their sight. After the first nine years of life, the visual system is usually fully developed and usually cannot be changed. We need to check that your child’s vision is developing properly. Therefore it is very important to have your child’s eyes examined even if you do not suspect anything, just as you would visit the dentist for regular check ups.
If I need to wear spectacles where do I start?
After your eye examination, your optometrist will introduce you to our dispensing optician or optical advisor. They will explain what is required to correct your vision and the options available to you. Then comes the fun part in choosing a  spectacle frame to suit your personality and style. They can be as subtle or as flamboyant as you wish. We are here to help with styling and will ensure the correct fit for your lenses and face shape.
If you feel that spectacles are not for you, ask us about contact lenses as an option.
My eyes feel tired, sore, watery and gritty, should I see my Optometrist oR GP?
You may well be suffering from a common condition called ‘dry eye’. Dry eye syndrome is one of the major reasons people visit their optometrist. It is believed these numbers will increase as people spend more of their time in front of screens. This condition is due to a lack of lubrication on the front surface of the eyes. They can become swollen, red and irritated. Symptoms can range from grittiness in the eyes to blurred vision and, ironically, watery eyes. Other symptoms include stinging or burning sensations, redness, tired eyes or sensitivity to light. It can become uncomfortable, but we can help to treat this. 

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