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Eye Examinations

Eye examinations with individual care, dedication and professionalism.

You should have an eye examination at least once every two years if you’re an adult and have healthy eyes. If you suffer from an eye condition you may require an examination more regularly. Your Optometrist will give you individual advice on your re-examination interval.

Do I qualify for an NHS eye examination?

We provide free NHS funded eye tests for people who qualify. You’ll qualify for an NHS-funded eye test if you’re:

Aged 60 or over

Registered blind or partially sighted

Diagnosed with diabetes or glaucoma

Aged 40 or over and have a close relative (parent, sibling or child) with a history of glaucoma

Have been advised by an ophthalmologist that you’re at risk of glaucoma

Aged under 16, or under 19 and in qualifying full-time education

Eligible for an NHS complex lens voucher

A prisoner on leave

You may be entitled to help from the NHS with the cost of spectacles if you are on a low income or under 19 and in qualifying full-time education.  An NHS spectacle voucher can be used for the supply of spectacles at no charge or can be used as part payment towards a more expensive pair of spectacles.

We also provide private eye examinations.  Our current private fee is £27.  Please ask in store for more details.

You’re also entitled if you or your partner – including civil partner – receive, or you’re under the age of 20 and the dependant of someone receiving:

Income support

Income-related Employment and support allowance

Income-based Jobseeker's Allowance

Pension Credit Guarantee Credit

Universal Credit and meet the criteria

If you’re entitled to or named on:

a valid NHS tax credit exemption certificate

a valid NHS certificate for full help with health costs (HC2)

People named on an NHS certificate for partial help with health costs (HC3) may also get help with the cost of a private sight test.

How long do your eye tests last?

Your Optometrist may take up to 45 minutes to assess your eye health and eyesight.  This gives you the time to ask any questions you may have, as well as giving us the opportunity to explain the results of your eye examination in full. All of our tests are performed with a friendly smile, so even those of you who are a little nervous about eye examinations can relax and enjoy your experience.


The Optomap ultra-wide digital retinal imaging system captures more than 80% of your retina in one panoramic image. Traditional viewing methods typically reveal only 10 – 15% of your retina at one time. View the informational video below.


Frames & Lenses

We stock a wide variety of frame styles and love to keep up with new technology that is used to design optical lenses for our modern way of living.

Below is a small sample of the frames on offer at our practice. We also offer prescription sunglasses, contact lenses and stylish frames to suit any budget. Pay us a visit to experience the quality we offer. You won’t be disappointed.


Contact Lenses

Find contact lenses which are the perfect fit for your eyes. 

As an alternative look to your spectacle frames, have you thought of contact lenses?

Reasons to trust Thomas & Saunders for your contact lenses:

We are pioneers when it comes to new materials and lens designs

We offer a huge variety of products, all of which offer the highest quality

Lenses are available in daily, monthly, toric and varifocal designs

We care for your eyes, offering lenses for dry eyes, lenses with high breathability for longer wear, even lenses to combat eyestrain from mobile phone screens

Our vast array of prescription contact lenses means we can find a product which suits you, quickly and easily

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