In today’s fast-paced, digitally-driven world, our eyes are always under strain. Whether we’re scrolling through social media or binge-watching the latest must-see drama, our eyes are subjected to prolonged periods of screen time, leaving them tired and strained. Fortunately, advancements in technology have paved the way for innovative solutions like Eyezen® lenses.

Eyezen® lenses are optimised single vision lenses designed to combat the challenges posed by our modern, connected lifestyles. Whether you’re a student on your tablet, a professional glued to your computer screen, or a gamer, these lenses offer comfort and clarity.

The 4 Symptoms of Digital Eye Strain

Also known as computer vision syndrome, digital eye strain includes a range of symptoms linked to extended periods of screen time. These symptoms include:

  • Eye Fatigue: Feeling tired or strained eyes after staring at screens for too long.
  • Headaches: Persistent headaches, often accompanied by sensitivity to light.
  • Dry Eyes: Irritation and dryness due to reduced blinking whilst focusing on screens.
  • Blurry Vision: Difficulty in focusing or seeing clearly, especially after prolonged screen time.

With people spending more time online, the cases of digital eye strain has surged.  Whether it’s smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktop computers, screens emit blue light and induce prolonged near vision. Although your eyes can focus on screens all day, they really weren’t designed for hours and hours of up-close focusing day after day.

The Role of Eyezen® 

Enter Eyezen® lenses, made with cutting-edge technology to address the challenges posed by digital eye strain. Here’s how they work:

  • Blue Light Filtration: Eyezen® lenses feature embedded blue light filtration technology, which selectively blocks harmful blue-violet light emitted by digital screens. By reducing exposure to these wavelengths by at least 20%, the lenses promote healthier vision.
  • Optimised Design: A lens technology that considers 2 reference points (for far and near vision). The whole lens surface is optimised, bringing correction throughout the lens.
  • Focus Technology: Eyezen® Focus technology optimises object distance and gaze direction. It helps to reduce eye strain and helps you to read small copy.

Embracing a Connected Lifestyle, Comfortably

In a world where digital connectivity is important for work and leisure it is crucial to be connected, but prioritising eye comfort can still be achieved. You can embrace your digital lifestyle with confidence, knowing that your eyes are well-cared for. Whether you require mild correction or have a higher prescription, varying needs or priorities, there’s an Eyezen® solution tailored to you.

How Thomas and Saunders Optometrists Can Help

At Thomas and Saunders Optometrists, we understand the importance of comprehensive eye care in the digital age. Our team of experienced optometrists is dedicated to providing personalised solutions like Eyezen® lenses. With our modern facilities and commitment to patient care, we offer thorough eye examinations to assess your visual health and make recommendations. Contact us to discover more.